Bad Pics Fixed Quick

Tired of deleting bad photos from your new digital camera? Don’t trash ’em — fix ’em! Bad Pics Fixed Quick helps you make all your rotten photos look terrific. All you need is a few minutes and a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements 3, and this book will show you the fastest, easiest ways to make even the worst photos look great!

Learn how to fix the most common photo problems:

  • Bad or grainy color
  • Blurry pictures
  • Poor lighting
  • Tilted pictures
  • Poorly cropped pictures

Repair otherwise perfect pictures of imperfect people:

  • Eliminate red eye
  • Get rid of dark eye circles
  • Soften wrinkles
  • Smooth skin tone and color
  • Remove blemishes
  • Whiten yellow teeth
  • Remove braces
  • Tame unruly hair

Make major changes in photos:

  • Change a picture’s background
  • Remove an object (or a person!) from a photo
  • Improve scratched and faded photos

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or a tech guru to make bad pictures look good. Learn how to repair all your digital photos with the easy-to-follow advice and four-color examples in Bad Pics Fixed Quick!

Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Que Publishing

Published: October 2004

Price: $24.99

Page count: 228 pp., full color

ISBN: 0789732092

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