Building Really Annoying Web Sites

Building Really Annoying Web Sites is a subversive new book that will teach you the long sought-after secrets of how to add all sorts of truly irritating effects to your own personal Web pages.

  • Make all the menus and buttons in a browser window disappear
  • Change a cursor’s shape, without the user’s permission
  • Create impossible-to-close pop-up windows
  • Add aggravating Flash animations and movies
  • Trap users in framed pages if they try to link off your page
  • And much more!

Each annoying effect is followed by a section explaining why it would be wrong to add that effect to a Web page,along with suggestions for a more appropriate approach that well-intentioned designers can take, if they so desire.

Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Hungry Minds

Published: September 2001

Price: $24.99

Page count: 283 pp.

ISBN: 0764548743

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