The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Music Business

You’re no idiot, of course. Music is your passion and you’d like to make it your business. But you’ve discovered that sometimes the combination makes for a really odd mix.

Don’t change your tune! The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Music Business gives you the information you need to break in and get the gigs. In this Complete Idiot’s Guide, you get:

  • An overview of how the music industry works, with a special look at the skills you need to succeed in it
  • Essential information on protecting your intellectual property and being paid your fair share
  • Tips on finding an agent, negotiating contracts, and selling your music and songs
  • Career advice for music lovers who aren’t musicians
  • A look at the future of the music business–and where you might fit in

Get more information on…

  • Planning your career
  • Assembling a “dream team” that will help you reach your goals
  • Promoting your music
  • Merchandising, songwriting, and publishing
  • Managing and booking musicians
  • The business of copyrights and royalties
  • What it’s like to work with a major record label
  • Independent distribution
  • Making music for other media
  • Managing your money
  • Great music industry gigs for nonmusicians

Letter from the Author

I know what you’re thinking. The music business is tough. Working musicians have to deal with unscrupulous club owners, greedy agents and managers, Byzantine copyright laws, illegal music downloaders, and record labels that are out to take every penny you earn. With all this working against you, how’s a musician supposed to make an honest buck?

The truth is, the music business isn’t as difficult as it seems. Challenging, yes; hard work, yes. But impossible to deal with? Of course not–assuming you read this book, that is.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Music Business is your one-stop guide to making money from your music, no matter what level you’re at. You’ll learn how to put together a business plan for your music career, assemble a team of professionals to work with you, and chart a course through the music business landscape. You’ll learn how to make money from performing, recording, distributing CDs and digital downloads, writing songs, and selling T-shirts and other merchandise. You’ll even learn tips for dealing with today’s changing music business–and making a go of it as a thriving independent artist.

That’s right, the music business today is much different than it was even a decade ago. The old rules no longer apply; you don’t have to sign with a major label to be a success. I’ll show you how to use today’s tools, including–and especially–the Internet, to promote and sell your music, and to develop a close relationship with your most loyal fans.

Of course, there’s lots of room in the music business for nonmusicians, too. If you’re a music lover who wants to work in the business, I’ll help you choose the right career–and get your foot in the door.

There’s something here for everyone. So whether you want to make a little more money from weekend gigs or become America’s next solid-gold superstar, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Music Business will show you what you need to do. Just take this book home and crack the covers; everything you need to know about the music business is inside.

What’s In the Book?

Part I: Welcome to the Music Business
1. Minding Your Business: Why You Need Business Skills
2. How the Music Business Works
3. Essential Business Skills Every Musician Needs to Know
4. The History and Future of the Music Business

Part 2: Becoming a Business-Oriented Musician
5. The Business of Planning Your Career
6. The Business of Assembling Your Team
7. The Business of Managing Your Career
8. The Business of Managing Your Money

Part 3: The Music Business for Musicians
9. The Business of Recording Your Music
10. The Business of Working with a Major Record Label
11. The Business of Independent Distribution
12. The Business of Promoting Your Music
13. The Business of Live Performance and Touring
14. The Business of Merchandising
15. The Business of Songwriting and Publishing
16. The Business of Music for Other Media
17. The Business of Music Online

Part 4: The Music Business for Nonmusicians
18. The Business of Managing Musicians
19. The Business of Booking Musicians
20. The Business of Recording and Production
21. The Business of Distributing Music
22. The Business of Publishing and Licensing Music

Part 5: The Legal Side of the Music Business
23. The Business of Contracts
24. The Business of Copyrights and Royalties


Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Alpha Books

Published: June 2010

Price: $19.95

Page count: 316 pp.

ISBN: 1615640134

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