Easy Internet, 2nd Edition

Save time and effort — discover the fastest, easiest way to learn how to use the Internet. Easy Internet, Second Edition shows you all the essentials in full color, so navigating the Internet becomes as easy as can be.

This full illustrated, step-by-step guide uses a proven approach to learning the basics. Just follow the simple directions, watch the tasks unfold on sample screen pictures, and then do it yourself!

Step-by-step lessons show you how to:

  • Connect to the Internet
  • Find everything on the Web with the best search services
  • Use WebTV
  • View and save your favorite pictures
  • Subscribe to newsgroups
  • Send and receive e-mail messages

Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Que Publishing

Published: 1997

Price: $24.99

Page count: 235 pp.

ISBN: 0789712199

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