How to Use Snapchat (Video Training)

60 Minutes of Video Instruction!

Learn all the basics of THE hottest new mobile application that lets you create and share photos and super short videos – and then have those photos and videos disappear!

How to Use Snapchat teaches you how-to share digital photos and videos with friends – and then have those photos and videos disappear. These photos and videos – collectively called “Snaps” – can be sent to specific users, or to the sender’s “Story.”

Old Snaps disappear from a Story after 24 hours and new Snaps are added to the end of the continuing Story. Stories can be viewed repeatedly for up to 24 hours after the first viewing.

You learn how to:

  • Get to know, navigate and personalize the Snapchat app
  • Create, save and write interesting descriptions of your Snap photos and videos
  • Capture your Story
  • Create even more sophisticated Snaps

Part 1: Getting to Know Snapchat

Part 2: Navigating and Personalizing the Snapchat App

Part 3: Making Friends with Other Snapchatters ¿

Part 4: Viewing Snaps and Stories

Part 5: Saving Snaps

Part 6: Shooting Snap Photos

Part 7: Shooting Snap Videos

Part 8: Describing and Sharing Your Snaps

Part 9: Capturing Your Story

Part 10: Creating More Sophisticated Snaps

Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Que Publishing

Published: May 2014

Price: $9.99 (complete course)

ISBN: 0-7897-5488-6

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