My Facebook for Seniors

Classic first edition of best-selling book

This introduction to Facebook has been written with one fast-growing audience in mind: seniors.
My Facebook for Seniors approaches every topic from a senior’s point of view, using meaningful examples and realistic tasks.

  • Step-by-step instructions for the tasks you care about most
  • Large, full-color, close-up photos show you exactly what to do
  • Common-sense help whenever you run into problems
  • Tips and notes to help you do even more

We’ve identified the Facebook skills you need to stay connected with the people you care about; reconnect with old friends and classmates; and share your life with loved ones near and far. Our crystal-clear instructions respect your smarts but never assume you’re an expert. Big, colorful photos on nearly every page make this book incredibly easy to read and use!

  • Sign up for Facebook (it’s free!) and create a new account
  • Find old friends who are also on Facebook
  • Use the News Feed to discover what your friends are up to
  • Update your friends and family on your current activities
  • View your friends’ digital photos—and share your photos with friends and family
  • Personalize the Timeline page that your friends see
  • Chat privately with friends and family—via text or video
  • Find and follow pages from your favorite celebrities and companies
  • Discover interesting topic-specific groups
  • Use Facebook to schedule and manage real-world events—including birthdays
  • Enhance Facebook with interesting apps and fun social games
  • Search Facebook for useful information
  • Discover how best to use Facebook to keep in touch with your grandkids
  • Find out what you should—and shouldn’t—share on Facebook
  • Use Facebook on your iPad or iPhone

Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Que Publishing

Published: September 2013

Price: $24.99 print

Page count: 352 pp.

ISBN: 0789751666

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