The PayPal Official Insider Guide to Growing Your Business

Make money the easy way!

As a businessperson, you know that the online market presents a vast, largely untapped opportunity. But how do you go about making the most of that opportunity?

Whether you’re one of the many merchants already using PayPal — or thinking of becoming one — this book will show you how PayPal can help integrate services like credit card payments, subscription billing, online invoicing, and more to help grow your business and improve the bottom line.

Both casual sellers and established business owners will learn how to use PayPal to:

  • Assist customers — from accepting credit cards to allowing bank payments
  • Manage money — from getting paid to helping you avoid fraud
  • Apply reports — from assessing inventory to tracking profits
  • Maximize growth — from expanding marketing to increasing sales

PayPal has the tools and this book shares the skills you need to learn, apply, and grow your business.

Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: PayPal Press

Published: July 2011

Price: $29.99 print, $23.99 digital

Page count: 255 pp.

ISBN: 0321768523

Purchase at

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