Real Men Use DOS

Computer guru Mike Miller looks at DOS from a real man’s viewpoint . . . while real woman Shelley O’Hara counters with a practical view of DOS. Together, they tell readers what kind of hardware to buy; how to master DOS at the command line; and how to write powerful batch files to automate your computing tasks.

The author says:

Not a big seller, but a very fun book to write. Shelley and I alternated chapters, with me taking the “Tim the Toolman” he-man tech-oriented approach and Shelley being much more practical. Big assist from lead editor Cindy Morrow (Kitchel), who really got what we were trying to do.

Authors: Michael Miller and Shelley O’Hara

Publisher: Que Publishing

Published: September 1992

Price: $16.95

Page count: 302 pp.

ISBN: 1565290194

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