Selling Online 2.0

Migrating from eBay to Amazon, craigslist, and Your Own E-Commerce Website

Remember when eBay used to be a great place for small sellers to become big sellers?

Unfortunately, recent changes at eBay have made online auctions less reliable and profitable. So where can you sell when you can’t sell on eBay?

Online auctions are the past; fixed-price selling is the future. It’s time to move beyond eBay and first-generation online selling and start Selling Online 2.0. Second-generation online selling means migrating from eBay to other online marketplaces, including craigslist, Amazon, and your own e-commerce website. You’ll need to make some new plans, learn some new skills, and change some of the things you do — but you’ll find that there’s more money to be made on your own than relying on traditional eBay online auction sales.

  • Put together a plan to maintain your sales level and profitability — to counteract eBay’s changes.
  • Discover how to shift from auction sales to fixed-priced listings on the eBay marketplace.
  • Find out if running an eBay Store or selling on makes sense for your business.
  • Learn how to sell locally on craigslist and other online classifieds sites.
  • Discover how to sell fixed-price merchandise on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Find out how to launch your own e-commerce website — and promote your online store.
  • Learn how to sell products across multiple channels — and manage multi-channel sales.

What’s In the Book?

Part I: Beyond Online Auctions: Creating a Successful Online Business
1. The Problem with Online Auctions
2. Planning for Selling Success

Part II: Fixed-Price Selling on eBay
3. Migrating to Fixed-Price Listings
4. Fixed-Price Selling in an eBay Store
5. Fixed-Price Selling on
6. Promoting Your Fixed-Price eBay Sales

Part III: Selling via craigslist Online Classifieds
7. Online Classifieds: Are They Right for Your Business?
8. Doing Business on craigslist
9. Migrating from Online Auctions to Online Classifieds
10. Promoting Your craigslist Business

Part IV: Selling on the Amazon Marketplace
11. The Amazon Marketplace: Is It Right for Your Business?
12. Doing Business in the Amazon Marketplace
13. Migrating Your eBay Business to Amazon
14. Promoting Your Amazon Business

Part V: Selling on Your Own Website
15. Establishing Your Own Website: Is It Right for Your Business?
16. Planning Your Online Presence
17. Setting Up an E-Commerce Website
18. Managing Online Sales
19. Choosing an Online Payment System
20. Promoting Your E-Commerce Website
21. Migrating Your eBay Business to Your Own Website
22. Selling in Multiple Channels

Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Que Publishing

Published: April 2009

Price: $24.99 print, $19.99 digital

Page count: 333 pp.

ISBN: 0789739747

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