Tricks of the eBay Masters, 2nd Edition

Envious of the eBay sellers and buyers who are really making money on eBay? They didn’t get there overnight and they hit plenty of bumps along the way. Now you can learn from these eBay Masters — with 600 tips and tricks from eBay’s most successful buyers and sellers! Look for tips on winning an auction, increasing your average selling price, avoiding fraudulent sellers and deadbeat bidders, launching your own eBay business, and much more.

Sound interesting? Then check out the book’s table of contents:

Part I: Tricks That Any eBay Member Can Use
1. How to Get Smarter About Buying and Selling on eBay
2. How to Deal with Feedback

Part II: Tricks for More Successful Bidding
3. How to Find What You Want to Buy
4. How to Be a Smarter — and Safer — Buyer
5. How to Win More Auctions

Part III: Tricks for More Successful Selling
6. How to Find Merchandise to Sell
7. How to Maximize Your Sales
8. How to Write Better Titles and Descriptions
9. How to Enhance Your Product Listings with HTML
10. How to Display Better Product Photos
11. How to Better Manage Your Auctions
12. How to Handle Customers Payments
13. How to Pack and Ship More Efficiently
14. How to Sell and Ship Internationally
15. How to Deal with Customer Problems — and Problem Customers
16. How to Sell Specific Types of Items
17. Turning Your eBay Sales Into a Real Business (NEW!)
18. How to Sell More Products in an eBay Store
19. How to Make Money as a Trading Assistant
20. How to Become an eBay PowerSeller (NEW!)

Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Que Publishing

Published: February 2006

Price: $24.99 print, $19.99 digital

Page count: 426 pp.

ISBN: 0789735431
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