Wireless Networking with Microsoft Windows Vista

Have a Windows Vista PC? Want to set up a home network? Don’t know where to start?

Help is at hand. Wireless Networking with Microsoft Windows Vista will show you how to plan, purchase, set up, configure, and use a wireless network. Not sure what type of Wi-Fi network to create? It’s in the book. Don’t know what equipment you need? It’s in the book. Confused by all the terminology — 802.11g, WEP, firewall, and the like? Don’t worry, it’s all explained in the book.

Wireless Networking with Microsoft Windows Vista will show you how to connect all your computers to your wireless network. You’ll learn how to protect your network with wireless security, share files and folders, share a single printer with multiple PCs, even connect your video game console to your network. It’s all easy to do — thanks to the instructions and advice in this book.

  • Learn how wireless networks work — and what they can do
  • Purchase the right equipment for your wireless network
  • Get your network up and running
  • Share your wireless network with other people in your home or small business
  • Protect your wireless network from hackers, viruses, and identity thieves
  • Share printers, Internet cameras, and other peripherals
  • Share music, movies, and digital photos
  • Beam your music and movies to your living room with a digital media hub
  • Connect game consoles to your wireless network
  • Connect to Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Access the wireless network at work
  • Troubleshoot wireless networking problems

Here’s what you’ll find inside this book:

Part I: Planning Your Wireless Network
1 Why You Need a Wireless Network
2 How Wireless Networks Work
3 How Windows Vista Handles Wireless Networking
4 Designing Your Wireless Network — and Choosing Network Equipment

Part II: Setting Up Your Wireless Network
5 Setting Up Your Wireless Network
6 Configuring and Managing Your Network Connection
7 Setting Up–and Sharing–a Wireless Internet Connection
8 Securing Your Wireless Network

Part III: Using Your Wireless Network
9 Setting Up Multiple Users
10 Sharing Files and Folders
11 Sharing Music, Movies, and Other Digital Media
12 Sharing Printers and Other Peripherals
13 Connecting Game Devices to Your Wireless Network

Part IV: Using Other Networks
14 Connecting to Wi-Fi Hot Spots and Public Networks
15 Connecting to Corporate Networks

Part V: Upgrading and Maintaining Your Wireless Network
16 Upgrading Your Wireless Network
17 Troubleshooting Wireless Network Problems

Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Que Publishing

Published: July 2007

Price: $29.99 print, $19.99 digital

Page count: 284 pp.

ISBN: 0789737019

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