More Online Problems for Music Theory and Singing Books

I hate to post about this once again, but it appears that our pals at DK (the parent company of Alpha Books, who publishes my Idiot’s Guides titles) are once again having website problems. In this case, when you click to download the audio files for either the Music Theory or Singing books you get a weird “BlobNotFound” message. Now, I don’t know anything about blobs, other than that old movie with a young Steve McQueen, but my publisher contact tells me that DK just moved their website to a new host, which broke a bunch of links. The intrepid tech staff is busy trying to fix things (and they spend a lot of time fixing things that somebody else in the organization broke), but do not yet have an ETA for when they will be fixed. Rest assured, they WILL be fixed, and of course the text in the books themselves is completely unaffected by these online issues. I apologize on behalf of the publisher, and will post here when things are working again. Sorry about this, folks, I’m as mad as everybody else about it — probably madder.

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