New Juvenile Fiction Book: My Superhero Journal: SpeedKing

This is something new for me, my first venture into juvenile (middle grade) fiction. My Superhero Journal: SpeedKing is all about Connor Edison, a ninth grader who develops super speed powers. Now calling himself SpeedKing, Connor teams up with his super powered friends IceQueenElectroShock, and SkyGlider to fight the evil Weather Controller and his deadly weather-making machines.

It’s a fun read, perfect for kids aged 8-12, full of super powered action and middle school fun and drama. If you have a child who loves reading or loves superheroes (or both), give this one a look — and then share it with your friends, teachers, librarians, and anyone else who can help the book gain exposure. It’s available exclusively from in both print and Kindle ebook versions. Click here to learn more!

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