How to Create Effective Training Videos with Camtasia and Other Tools

3+ Hours of Video Instruction

Create great video tutorials with Camtasia, Camtasia Studio, and other leading tools! Master all the hands-on skills you’ll need, in just 3+ hours of easy video!

Want to deliver great video tutorials, online or off? This video guide will teach you all the skills you’ll need—in just 3+ hours! You don’t need any knowledge of video production: top tech instructor Michael Miller covers it all, simply and easily! First, walk through planning your video, shooting Camtasia “talking head” and “how-to” content, recording PowerPoint presentations, and capturing top-quality screen recordings from computers, Android devices, iPhones, and iPads. Then, learn how to edit your content in Camtasia Studio… improve clarity by using zoom, pan, callouts, effects, and animation… add pro-quality voice narration, audio, captions, backgrounds, and interactive quizzes… output and share your video… and more! There’s no faster way to master video tutorial development—whatever your subject, wherever you want to teach it!

What You Will Learn

  • How to work with Camtasia video capture/editing software and related tools
  • How to capture great “talking head” video and step-by-step procedures
  • How to capture screen recordings from computers, smartphones, and tablets
  • How to edit video captures and other content with Camtasia Studio
  • How to improve teaching effectiveness with callouts, effects, transitions, animation, captions, and other techniques
  • How to choose the right video formats, and produce high-quality output
  • How to share your video on the web and beyond

Table of Contents

Part 1: Planning Your Video

Lesson 1.1 Detailing Your Goals and Strategies

Lesson 1.2 Determining What Types of Media You Need

Lesson 1.3 Creating a Script or Storyboard

Lesson 1.4 Assembling Your Equipment

Part 2: Recording Your Video

Lesson 2.1 Shooting a Talking Head Video

Lesson 2.2 Shooting a How-To Video

Lesson 2.3 Capturing Screen Recordings with Camtasia Recorder

Lesson 2.4 Capturing PowerPoint Presentations with Camtasia

Lesson 2.5 Capturing Screens from Mobile Devices

Part 3: Editing Your Video

Lesson 3.1 Using Camtasia Studio

Lesson 3.2 Importing and Managing Media Assets

Lesson 3.3 Adding Transitions

Lesson 3.4 Using SmartFocus to Zoom and Pan

Lesson 3.5 Adding Onscreen Text and Graphics

Lesson 3.6 Editing in Camtasia

Part 4: Incorporating Special Effects

Lesson 4.1 Using Callouts and Cursor Effects to Focus Attention

Lesson 4.2 Animating Video Content

Lesson 4.3 Adding Video Effects

Lesson 4.4 Using Chroma Key for Backgrounds

Lesson 4.5 Adding an Interactive Quiz

Part 5: Working with Audio and Captions

Lesson 5.1 Setting Up Your Audio Recording Studio

Lesson 5.2 Recording Voice Narration

Lesson 5.3 Editing Audio

Lesson 5.4 Adding Captions

Part 6: Finalizing Your Video

Lesson 6.1 Choosing the Right Video Format

Lesson 6.2 Producing Your Video

Lesson 6.3 Sharing Your Video

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Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Que Publishing

Published: December 2014

Price: $49.99 (complete course)

ISBN: 0-7897-5447-9

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