My Superhero Journal: SpeedKing

Connor Edison is a typical ninth grader. He likes hanging with his friends, playing video games, eating pizza, and telling really bad jokes. He’s still getting used to how high school works, and has even more issues to deal with – there’s a girl who’s invited him to the Freshman Festival, a bully who keeps picking on him and his friends, and a classmate who’s struggling with serious family problems. Oh, and Connor just found out he has super powers.

After being exposed to a strange blast of cosmic energy, Connor discovers he can run faster than the speed of sound. Now calling himself SpeedKing, Connor joins with his super powered friends IceQueen, ElectroShock, and SkyGlider to protect Lake City from harm.

Connor’s powers are put to the test when Lake City is attacked by the Weather Controller, an eco-terrorist who uses his powerful machines to create deadly tornadoes, heat waves, rain storms, and more. The four young superheroes have to band together to battle the extreme weather — and save their city from certain destruction.

Can SpeedKing and his friends defeat the Weather Controller’s weather attacks? Are there any other superheroes out there that can help? And can Connor use his super speed powers to stand up to Brody, the school bully?

Find out what happens by reading Connor’s personal journal — his superhero journal. There’s tons of fun and excitement to be had, and lots of super heroic deeds to read about!

Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Independently published

Published: August 2017

Page count: 170 pp.

Price: $7.99 print, $2.99 digital

ISBN: 1522038175

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