Online Marketing Heroes

Interviews with 25 Successful Online Marketing Gurus

Marketing’s goal is the same as ever: Get your product before more of the right people, generate enthusiasm to encourage buying, and build brand loyalty to keep your customers coming back. What has changed, and radically, is the delivery system. Today, it’s about optimizing your website for search engine placement, marketing via blogs and social networking sites, and creating an online press release that generates results.

Where better to learn such skills than from those who have already been successful?

Suppose you could sit down with 25 of the most successful online marketing gurus in the business and just talk shop. Suppose that include PR people, copywriters, direct marketing gurus, and consultants. Suppose you could get input from the creative cubicle-dwellers as well as executives managing multimillion-dollar marketing firms. You could learn proven skills and techniques that would revolutionize your marketing efforts.

That discussion is packaged in these pages. Whether you’re a veteran marketing professional or a novice entering the field, you can’t afford to miss this wisdom.

The experts who sat down to talk shop with author Michael Miller have not only been there and done that, they’ve done it masterfully. You’ll learn about search engine marketing from Ron Belanger, head of Yahoo! Search Marketing. Get the inside scoop on blog marketing from Southwest Airlines’ blogmeister Brian Lusk. Research online retailing with Travelocity’s Jeffrey Glueck. And more.

Here’s your chance to pick the best brains in the business. The online marketing heroes interviewed in this book include:

  • Joan Holman (Joan Holman Productions)
  • Greg Hartnett (Best of the Web, Hotel Hotline)
  • Jacob Hawkins (
  • Mark Oldani (Circuit City Direct)
  • Jeffrey Glueck (Travelocity)
  • Lauren Freedman (the e-tailing group, inc.)
  • Tamara Adlin (adlin, inc.)
  • Steve Rubel (Edelman)
  • Greg Jarboe (SEO-PR)
  • Eric Ward (link marketing consulant)
  • Jordan Gold (Freedom Communications)
  • Heather Lloyd-Martin (SuccessWorks)
  • Chris Baggott (Compendium Software)
  • Ed Shull (NetResults)
  • Brian Lusk (Southwest Airlines)
  • Lee Odden (TopRank Online Marketing)
  • Jill Whalen (High Rankings)
  • Liana Evans (KeyRelevance)
  • Perry Marshall (Perry S. Marshall & Asscociates)
  • Kevin Lee (Didit)
  • Paul O’Brien (Zvents)
  • Ron Belanger (Yahoo!)
  • David Fischer (Google)
  • Phil Terry (Creative Good)
  • Patrick Duparcq (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University)

Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Wiley

Published: March 2008

Price: $24.99

Page count: 319 pp. hardcover

ISBN: 0470242043

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