Is It Safe?

Protecting Your Computer, Your Business, and Yourself Online

Identity theft, data theft, Internet fraud, online surveillance, email scams, hacks, attacks, and viruses. The Internet is a dangerous place.

In years past, you could protect your computer from malicious activity by installing an antivirus program and activating a firewall utility. Unfortunately, that’s no longer good enough; the Internet has become a much darker place, plagued not only by rogue software but also by dangerous criminals and shadowy government agencies.

Is It Safe? addresses this new generation of security threat. It presents information about each type of threat and then discusses ways to minimize and recover from those threats. Is It Safe? differs from other security books by focusing more on the social aspects of online security than purely the technical aspects. Yes, this book still covers topics such as antivirus programs and spam blockers, but it recognizes that today’s online security issues are more behavioral in nature — phishing schemes, email scams, and the like.

  • Are you being scammed? Learn how to spot the newest and most insidious computer security threats — fraudulent retailers, eBay scammers, online con artists, and the like
  • Is your identity safe? Avoid being one of the nine million Americans each year who have their identities stolen. Today’s real Internet threats aren’t viruses and spam. Today’s real threats are thieves who steal your identity, rack up thousands on your credit card, open businesses under your name, commit crimes, and forever damage your reputation.
  • Is Big Brother watching? Get the scoop on online tracking and surveillance. We examine just who might be tracking your online activities — and why.
  • Is your employer watching you? How to tell when you’re being monitored and how to determine what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Part I: Protecting Against Identity Theft
1. Identity Theft: How Big a Problem?
2. How to Keep Your Personal Information Personal
3. Repairing a Stolen Identity

Part II: Protecting Against Data Theft
4. Data Theft: How Big a Problem?
5. Protecting Corporate Data
6. Recovering from Data Theft

Part III: Protecting Against Online Fraud
7. Online Fraud: How Big a Problem?
8. How to Not Be a Victim of Online Fraud
9. Fraud on the Corporate Level: Online Advertising Click Fraud

Part IV: Protecting Against Email Spam and Scams
10. Email Fraud: How Big a Problem?
11. Avoiding Email Fraud and Phishing Scams
12. Reducing Email Spam

Part V: Protecting Against Online Surveillance
13. Online Surveillance: How Big a Problem?
14. Dealing with Surveillance at Work
15. Big Brother is Watching You
16. Covering Your Tracks Online
17. Protecting Yourself — and Your Children — from Online Predators
18. Engaging in your Own Surveillance: Tracking Your Children’s Online Activity

Part VI: Protecting Against Computer Viruses and Spyware
19. Computer Viruses and Spyware: How Big a Problem?
20. Defending Against Computer Viruses
21. Avoiding Spyware

Part VII: Protecting Against Computer Hacks and Attacks
22. Computer Attacks: How Big a Problem?
23. Defending Your Personal Computer from Attack
24. Defending Your Company Network from Attack
25. Defending Your Website from Attack

Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Que Publishing

Published: June 2008

Price: $24.99 print, $19.99 digital

Page count: 355 pp.

ISBN: 0789737825

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